Who’s your favourite online lingerie shop?

8 Mar 2010 by

There’s no getting away from it we all have our favourites whether it be food, drink or animals and shopping for lingerie is no different.

Sometimes we are influenced by delivery times or brand, and other times it’s down to the design or colours a store has in stock and at what price.

Is it Figleaves for their huge range? Bravissimo for their fitting? Myla for the sheer luxury or Lan Senza for everyday with a touch of elegance?

Who’s you’re favourite online lingerie store and why…

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  1. Di

    I love the Myla website, it’s well designed and easy to use. The lingerie photos are detailed and it’s a bonus that you can add toys and accessories to your order!

  2. Karen Scammell

    My favourite online lingerie shop is La Senza because they have plenty of items in my size which is a bit of an awkward size and even regularly have nice things in my size in the sale! The site is easy to navigate to find matching items and postage is reasonable and arrives quickly.

  3. Sarah Williams

    My favourite site Bravissimo is surprisingly not on your polls so maybe this won’t count as a comp entry. This was the first company that I became aware of that specifically catered to the big busted women who like me were desperate to dress in pretty sexy matching lingerie sets and not have to put up with M&S bolder holders.

    My second choice would be Figleaves, because the have a tremendous range of brands that I have never come across before, and again cater to the bigger busted women.

  4. Hi Sarah

    Many thanks for your comment. We’ve added Bravissimo to the survey, and rest assured, any comment over 20 words will be entered into our competition no matter whether you leave it on this post, or any other article 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. Lora

    My favourite online retailer has to be Figleaves. My bra size is rare and on the high street only Marks and Spencers really do it, and in all of their bras. I’ve been disappointed that online, where more niche markets are catered for, I still find it hard to get nice bras (rather than ancient looking frumpy things) in my size.

    Figleaves is the only online retailer in your list that stocks quite a few ranges in my size and has a fairly good selection for me to choose from, both in style and price range. The site also has a nice layout with good search filters and regular offers on.

  6. Milly

    Hello, I’m a huge fan of Glamorous Amorous so thought that as it wasn’t part of the survey, I would mention it! Thought they had a great range of designers to choose from and they answered my queries really quickly. I’m difficult to please so they did well to impress me. Will certainly return in the future!

  7. Sophie Dykes

    I am a huge fan of Figleaves. I’m having my civil partnership in June and I’m looking for a lovely basque to wear. I need look no further!!

  8. Beverley

    LOVE Figleaves! Great styles at great prices, and could do with some new undies before festival season starts!

  9. Jane

    I love Figleaves, they have such a great selection of different styles and the quality is great as well, last forever.

  10. Valerie

    Figleaves without a doubt is my favourite online lingerie shop. I have been shopping at Figleaves for myself and my two daughters for a few years now – taking them from teenagers to mid and late twenties. Which shows that Figleaves caters for different age groups. We think the quality it excellent and the comfort brilliant.