What Does Your Lingerie Say About You?

8 Mar 2010 by

Do you consider yourself as a wee bit risque or predictable and safe as house when it comes to your lingerie drawer? Maybe it’s time for a change?

Take our lingerie quiz below and find out if you’ve an inner vixen wanting to get out![quizmaster quiz=2]


  1. mickle

    LOL, special occasions is more my thing – Yep I think that’s about right. Everyday, practical lingerie makes up most of my drawer, but I do see the benefit of doing something a little bit spicier on occasion though!

  2. Milly

    Oh crikey, it’s worse than I thought, I gotta get me some sexy undies!

  3. Jane

    Mine was special occasion too. I do like nice underwear but don’t really want to wear it every day. When it’s something really nice I feel it’s a shame nobody can see it LOL.

  4. Steph

    Yay! I’m hot stuff!

    I must admit I love underwear whether its for everyday use or those special occasions. I’ve found that BeCheeky have recently started catering for the more daring with their BeNaughty collection and hope shortly they’ll stock some cheeky outfits – something I’m partial to every now and then!