What colour underwear do you prefer?

1 Mar 2010 by

If you’re planning to seduce your man with red lingerie, you may want to think again!

A recent poll revealed that Red is a man’s least favourite colour for underwear, much to everyones surprise!

The results showed that 47 per cent of men would actually prefer to see their lover in black. 34 per cent of men said that white was their favourite colour while only 18 per cent voted for pink.

Despite these results 61 per cent of women surveyed still buy red undies to look sexy.

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  1. Jane

    I don’t think it’s about preference but about what you’re wearing that day so the underwear matches it. I don’t like when you can see your bra through your top and buy different colour bras to match my tops.

  2. Tiffany Oconnell

    I prefer black underwear i always have i really should start trying to be more adventurous with colours. My husband bought me some lovely underwear sets in pink and i still seem to wear the black underwear

  3. Alison

    I like any colour as long as it’s a matching set

  4. Lora

    I think it’s about what suits you best. I’m too fair for white or nude, it does absolutely nothing for me, but I look and feel best in black.

  5. heather shaw

    I dont really worry about what colour my undies are it all depends on how they make me feel. When i’m having my ‘fat day’ I wear my ‘fat day undies’ regardless of the colour. If I had to pick a favourite colour for my undies it would be teal – my favourite colour


    I voted black but i love black and pink underwear… Black for sexiness and pink for my girlie days!xxx

  7. Danielle Graves

    I personally wear a lot of black underwear but I do also think pinks and purples can be sexy too. For me red seems to be a little cliche these days as to what is sexy.

  8. Beverley

    Depends on the mood I’m in! I usually go for black as it shows less under jeans, but I have been known to wear racy red!

  9. Jo B

    I love black underwear on a daily basis, but I susddenly get urges for bright colours, today I have purple and red on.
    I have different moods and underwear to match it.

  10. Katy Rider

    Definitely black and I know my man prefers it too.