Victoria’s Secret set to release Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie line

15 Nov 2012 by

Truth or fiction? Rumours have been hitting the internet about Victoria’s Secret being set to release Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie line.

It has recently been announced that the series of books that took the world by storm this summer, Fifty Shades of Grey has now inspired a lingerie line which is set to be released into Victoria’s Secret stores!

The line of Fifty Shades of Grey inspired lingerie is in the final stages of development having been designed and is now undergoing tested by development psychologists and men in laboratories in France which have also included screenings and focus groups. The lingerie, as expected will be grey in colour and the tests that are currently being conducted focus around the shades of grey which are making it into the line of lingerie.

The developmental psychologist who is currently working with Victoria’s Secrets in creating the lingerie stated in an interview “A female model then poses in the underwear – at a safe distance – and seduces the men with her erotic charm. If the man responds favourably towards the grey colour of the underwear, that colour is automatically included in our fifty shades.”

Alongside the line of lingerie the Victoria’s Secret stores will also see the release of a limited edition sex chocolate which has been developed by sexual researchers and is set to act as an aphrodisiac with one of the trace ingredients being oysters!

So far the advertisement for the lingerie has already been created and this is set to push the tag line “Let your secrets stay secret”. The Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie is set to hit the stores next year on the 1st February 2013 and this is of course in time for Valentine’s Day!

Will life imitate art or this a spoof?

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