Passion8 Encourage You To Dress For Sex

15 Sep 2011 by

Passion8 have started a new campaign called “Dress For Sex”, whereby they tempt you to change your look and add some spice this week with some dressing up ideas.

Here, Passion8 have listed their best sellers over the past few weeks and with Passion8’s current discount codes, now is the time to spice things up for a little less

Domina Basque

Dominca Basque

This PVC Basque with suspenders and matching g-string is perfect for bedroom domination. A mixture of PVC and sensual soft lace the basque has a sexy lace up front panel allowing you to create an amazing cleavage! The suspenders are fully adjustable and can be removed so you can wear the basque with or without stockings. Why not wear with hold ups for a different look.
Price: £29.99

Miss Whiplash

Miss Whiplash Costume

Unleash your inner dominatrix tonight, leaving your submissive obeying your every command. Raise some temperatures in this super kinky full length Miss Whiplash costume, and if it all gets a bit too steamy, simply adjust the metal zip which runs from the neck to the belly button for some pulse-racing exposure.
Price: £34.99

Nurse Feelgood

Nurse Feelgood

She’s the one they call Nurse Feelgood. She’s the one that will make you feel alright. He’s going to need medical attention, STAT! Get his blood pumping with this sexy nurse uniform! The dual zip means you can reveal as little or as much as you like as you’re giving him your best bedside manner. We think the garter and matching nurse’s cap were a nice touch.
Price: £34.99

Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse of Mercy Costume

If Nurse Feelgood isn’t your thing then why not step over to the darker side of nursing, with this sexy Nurse outfit. You can administer the best treatment necessary, and of course your bedside manner need not be impeccable. Infact the worse it is… the better it is!
Price: £20.99


Cheerleader Costume

You’ll be cheering for the home team leading him on to a big victory in this saucy little cheerleader costume. You’ll drive him into a frenzy when you shake your pom-poms! This sexy little cheerleader uniform has a corset style tie on both sides which help accentuate your curves. Maybe that’s why the cheerleaders always get the beefy football stars.
Price: £34.99

Bunny Hostess

Bunny Hostess Costume

You may have seen the Playboy Mansion on TV, now you too can be a Hugh Hefner Bunny. Sexy marabou trimmed leotard with bunny tail. Of course this is topped off with the customary black ears. What naughty delights will await you when you become a Black Bunny.
Price: £11.99

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