Kara Tointon Shows Off New Asda Lingerie Range

12 Apr 2010 by

Kara Tointon, currently best known for playing Dawn Swann in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders, has continued her reign as the face of the Michelle for George underwear range at Asda.

Earlier this week, Kara Tointon helped launched Asda’s new spring/summer lingerie range which now stocks cup sizes right up to a G.

As the former Eastenders star posed elegantly in three of the collection’s four designs, said she is all for variety for the bigger busted lady despite only being an averaged sized C cup herself.

“It’s great to head up a brand that has affordability and style at its heart. The lingerie is sexy, sophisticated, comfortable and above all affordable for everyone” said Kara.

The ‘Michelle for George’ range has been created by Michelle Mone, also creator of Ultimo lingerie. “The bra market is expanding, quite literally, and modern breasts are getting larger with more women than ever before wearing a D cup or bigger” sadi Michelle Mone at the launch.

Posing inside a sun-filled conservatory and outside in a garden, Kara showed off the new lingerie range with starting prices from just £12. This is the third collection Kara has modelled for Michelle at George since she was snapped up as its new face just before she left her role as Dawn Swann on Eastenders last August.

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  1. Claire

    I have to admint, Asda don’t usually spring to mind when I think of underwear, especially sexy lingerie! Having browsed the Asda website I’m really surprised at some of their designs and at £12 for a Bra, it’s definitely worth a try.

    Lets just say my regular “grocery shop” has all of a sudden got a bit more interesting!

  2. sam

    Asda have had some really pretty designs for a while, but I’m suprised at the choice of bigger bra sizes at the supermarkets now. I have a feeling they will be ill fitting, but if your on a budget its worth a try. It can be very expensive if your a DD+. I’m going to asda tonight so i’ll be sure to have a look. Wonder if they do DD+ swimwear too………?

  3. Becky

    I bought some underwear from Asda last weekend and it was surprisingly good quality. The fit is just as good as many other supermarkets to be honest. You’ll obviously get a better fit if someone was on hand to properly measure you, or if you’ve been measured recently in the past.

    Definately worth a try, thats for sure!

    Also now I know what it’s like, I’ll probably treat myself online every now and then too!

  4. Carla

    When thinking about underwear at the ‘super market’ M&S is the closest I’ve got! Some of the stuf from Asda looks lovely, I’m really impressed!!