Glow In The Dark Lingerie

30 Oct 2009 by

Australia’s most recent export seems to be the main topic of discussion in the media of late, Glow In The Dark Lingerie.

LuminoGlow is the brainchild of Jan Hawley who runs the company from her home in New South Wales, Australia. The LuminoGlow bra and knickers set look like any ordinary underwear by day, but by night, they turn into something a little more seductive, sensational and definitely sexy.

The complete LuminoGlow underwear range is made with lace that glows in the dark, yet in daylight, you wouldn’t know the difference. The lingerie has silk satin that looks very alluring, feels beautiful on the body and adds extra sex appeal, whilst the lace is soft against the skin and exquisite to touch.

To make the underwear glow in the dark, you do have to hold a light close to the lingerie for about two minutes which means you have to plan your evening a littke, but the effect should be we worth the extra effort. Make sure the room is in total darkness and you, and your partner, will see some of the the sexiest pieces of lingerie you could imagine!

Originally conceived as a bit of fun, Jan’s turned this into a full time business, with Luminglow underwear being stocked and sold around the world, including in the USA and Europe.


  1. Maz

    These are a great idea, but I’d be a bit worried about wearing them in a nightclub! I wonder how bright they actually are, and do they light-up under ultraviolet lights?

    Not seen them anywhere for sale yet in the UK otherwise they would have been on my Christmas List for sure!

  2. PWAN

    I am working on getting these over to the UK at the moment! Probably struggle before Christmans though. Should be plenty of time before 14th Feb though..

  3. That’s fantastic news PWAN!

    Do you have any ideas yet on who the UK stockists are going to be? We’ve received a few emails from people asking where they can get hold of the Glow In The Dark Lingerie range by LuminoGlow.