Doing It For The Plus Size Girls

31 Mar 2010 by

More and more we’re reading about “Plus Size Girls” and seeing them grace the pages of fashion magazine more than ever.

French Elle Magazine is set to break the taboo this weekend, as it features a picture of model Tara Lynn wearing a white jumpsuit on the cover.

Tara Lynn suggest we should all “adore belly fat” and appears in a 32 page special edition supplement modelling clothes, as well as appearing nude.

Do you think Elle magazine have taken “Plus Size” a step too far? Are we at risk of inadvertently promoting obesity or is about time fashion reflect reality?

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  1. mickle

    Fashion needs to change to promote a healthy and natural female body shape – but I think they’re going to the other extreme here instead of the middle ground. Promoting size 0 models was rightly criticised because it’s unhealthy and pretty much unattainable for most women without harming your body, but likewise celebrating being overweight and ‘adoring belly fat’ is promoting unhealthiness and is storing up problems for the future.

    P.S. I’m a size 16/18 myself and I know I need to loose weight

  2. Gav

    Contrary to what ‘fashion’ seems to think, guys much prefer a woman with curves. To pick an obvious example, you would never find Kate Moss on Page 3.

  3. Sarah Williams

    I wish the fashion/editorial industry wouldn’t use the term “Plus Size Models” it is so misconstruding. In reality these models are a healthy size 12-16 like the majority of women, so lets ban the “plus size” and now use “Real Size”.

  4. Katy Rider

    It is nice to see a larger lady on the cover of a magazine but she is still in proportion. I would like to see ladies on the cover with big tummies or hips. It might just give us curvier ladies some fashion advice on how to flatter our wobbly bits.