Canada Learns Victoria’s Secret!

18 Feb 2011 by

Canada Learns Victoria's SecretAmerican brand Victoria’s Secret is a huge name in the world of lingerie, annually churning out thousands and thousands of beautiful lingerie items that are snapped up by women across the globe.

Yet while Victoria’s Secret stores are a common occurrence in the average American mall, up until now their Canadian neighbours have had a much harder time laying their hands on the brand’s goodies.

Canadian lingerie fans will, however, be happy to hear that Victoria’s Secret is now finally branching out into the frozen north, opening up its first Canadian Victoria’s Secret store in Edmonton, Alberta.

Victoria’s Secret allegedly chose Edmonton as the location for its flagship Canadian store because Edmonton is known to be excellent for shopping, with thousands of people travelling there every year to enjoy the retail opportunities.

The new store is located in the city’s West Edmonton Mall and the managers of the mall have predicted that Victoria’s Secret will attract so many new customers, that they have moved the mall’s famous bronze whale statue. This statue has been moved to make way for extra seating, which is being installed for weary husbands and boyfriends to sit on while their partners shop away!

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