First of all, a story…

A long, long time ago, there lived a young, fit and energetic lady named Maisy who lived in a magical kingdom. One day she met a man named John (who one day would become her husband) and she went out of her way to wear sexy underwear for both him and herself.

On occasions Maisy even bought naughty lingerie, just because! John appreciated Maisy’s gesture, and reciprocated by treating her to sexy luxurious lingerie on special occasions such as like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Fridays …

Then they got married.
Then they had a baby.
Then they became tired.
Then she stopped shaving her legs.

Now she wears sweats while he falls asleep on the couch.

The End.

Sound all too familiar?

With the help of our reports, latest news, gossip and reviews in the world of Lingerie, we aim to make you feel and look sexy in and out of the bedroom once again. Please your man and yourself by feeling like his very own underwear model, boost your confidence and put some spice in your life.

After all gorgeous lingerie should not be saved only for special occasions!